SVWC Writers Speaking Out: Feb 6-12

SVWC Writers Speaking Out: Feb 6-12


Here’s what our SVWC alumni have been writing about this week:

Elliot Ackerman (SVWC 2020) – “My Veteran Problem” – The New York Times

David Brooks (SVWC 2011 & 2017) – “The Coming Technology Boom” – The New York Times

Steve Coll (SVWC 2018) – “Trump’s Impeachment Trial Offers the Chance to Seize the Initiative on the Future of Free Speech” – The New Yorker

Maureen Corrigan (SVWC 2016) – “‘We Run the Tides’ Pulls You Into the Rough Seas of Female Adolescence” – NPR’s Fresh Air

Karen Crouse (SVWC 2018) – “Goodbye Fans at the Australian Open” – The New York Times

Sheri Fink (SVWC 2015) – “In the worst-hit part of California, a hospital struggled with a flood of cases.” – The New York Times

Thomas L. Friedman (SVWC 2018) – “Cyberspace Plus Trump Almost Killed Our Democracy. Can Europe Save Us?” – The New York Times

Mark Leibovich (SVWC 2019) – “‘Dad, I Don’t Want to Go Back to the Capitol’: Raskin Speaks of the Horror of Jan. 6” – The New York Times

Louisa Thomas (SVWC 2017) – “Can a Country Control the Virus and Host a Grand Slam? Australia is Trying” – The New Yorker

David Wallace-Wells (SVWC 2020) – “How Long Can Covid Cases Keep Plummeting?” – New York Magazine

Fareed Zakaria (SVWC 2018) – “On the domestic front, Biden is all ambition. Why not on foreign policy?” – The Washington Post


Photo Credit: Nils Ribi

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