MARGARET ATWOOD, author of more than 60 books in almost every conceivable genre, recipient of more than 100 literary prizes from around the world, is a global icon. Like Kafka and Orwell before her, she and her writing have become part of the public discourse, wherever we live and whatever our age. Atwood’s intelligence is that vital and exacting, her wit that mischievous, her concerns—from birds to the human condition, from environmentalism to feminism, from the lessons of history to social justice—that urgently relevant. She has quoted a Polish resistance fighter from the Second World War who once told her: “Pray that you will never have the occasion to be a hero.” As it has turned out, Atwood has indeed had the occasion, not just once, and never has she failed to rise to its challenges. She is our hero. After receiving the 2024 Sun Valley Conference Writer in the World Prize, Atwood will talk to Pulitzer Prize-winning writer AYAD AKHTAR about her life, her work, and some of the many wonders and terrors of the world we are living in.

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July 20
5:15 pm — 6:15 pm

Sun Valley Pavilion

Ayad Akhtar, Margaret Atwood

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