The Experience

SVWC is a festival of ideas and literature with some of the most extraordinary writers and thinkers in the world, the most generous audience one is ever likely to encounter – close to 1,000 people, a good number of whom wield considerable influence in business, politics, media, and entertainment circles, but all of whom love to read – in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the American West. The conference started 19 years ago and is now considered by many to be the best literary festival in the U.S.

“. . .Our expectations were high, but the reality was so much better — more gracious, more interesting — than we could have imagined.” JAMES FALLOWS, a national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly and author of CHINA AIRBORNE.
“In my opinion, this year’s conference was one of the best times ever available to humankind. . .” NAOMI SHIHAB NYE, author of seven collections of poetry, including her most recent TRANSFER.
“What a wonderful thing you’ve all made there, and what a treat and privilege to be part of it.” JOHN VAILLANT, author of THE TIGER: A TRUE STORY OF VENGEANCE AND SURVIVAL.

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