Is the conference only open to writers?

Absolutely not. This is a festival for readers and writers, but mostly readers.

Who selects your presenters?

Literary Director John Burnham Schwartz and Associate Director Anne Taylor Fleming, in consultation with a number of literary advisors, make these choices and shape the program.

Whom do I contact if I would like to offer a suggestion for the SVWC program?

Please send an email to info@svwc.com.

What is the nature of the program?

It is a broad mix of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, journalism, current affairs, filmmaking, and music.

Is there a constant feature?

The program is always anchored by strong literary writers.

Who’s in the audience?

The audience is comprised of over 1,000 people who come from all over the country, many of whom wield considerable influence in business, politics, media and entertainment. Some of our guests are writers; all of them are readers.

Do you give scholarships?

We offer two Fellowships and eight scholarships each year. Scholars are asked to submit a personal statement of interest and a recommendation from a supervisor. Scholar applications are evaluated by the Executive Director of SVWC.

Are the Directors compensated?

The Board Chair/CEO works as a volunteer, as do all board members.

How is SVWC funded?

It varies year to year but approximately 60% comes from individuals and private foundations and 40% from ticket sales.  SVWC is a 501(c)(3) Idaho nonprofit corporation.

Is there a role for volunteers during the conference?

There is a large role for local volunteers.  Click HERE for further information.

Do you offer tickets to individual talks?

Single event tickets to a limited number of talks may be made available to the public.

What about students and educators?

All students and educators are admitted to Pavilion talks, free of charge on a space-available basis.

Do you have a particular point of view?

All presenters are advised that the program is intended to be non-partisan. We encourage intelligent, civil discourse.

How do I get on the mailing list?

Please email us at info@svwc.com with your contact information and an email address.  Or call: (208) 726-5454.

Does the conference offer sponsorship opportunities for businesses?

Please direct sponsorship inquiries to: Robin Eidsmo, Executive Director, at: (208) 726-5454.

Sun Valley Writers' Conference is a 501(c)(3) Idaho nonprofit corporation
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